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Reflections on Summer Camp Fun in Charlotte
Reflections on Summer Camp Fun in Charlotte

As the summer draws to a close, we take time to reflect on the wonderful days our campers spent at Safe Hands Learning Center. The smiling children at Safe Hands Learning Center were very busy in mind and body throughout the Summer of 2011 and our director, site coordinator and counselors worked together to provide a safe and engaging environment for campers.

The cool morning hours were full of bike riding , scooter chasing, jump rope hoping and more. The campers really enjoyed the time spent outdoors using their physical strength to engage in play. Boys vs Girls kickball competitions were an ongoing  summer camp rivalry – Champion status TBD – the children are looking forward to continuing the challenge next summer!!

Trips were also a big part of the summer activities! The Movie Theater, Mint Hill Playhouse and Latta Park were just some of the great local destinations the children visited over the summer session. The children were able to experience the fun of traveling together and making “new” discoveries about their city.

The academic component to our summer camp is always an important fact for parents. Our campers worked to expand their reading and math skills each week. Oral sharing about  books read, goals and more were fun weekly events.  The campers enjoyed playing  many “games” that had an academic focus throughout the summer.  Each week the campers also enjoyed expanding their culinary skill!! “Safe Hands Dogs”, bruchetta, mini veggie pizzas and fruit kabobs were just some of the fun recipes the children learned to make. Campers proudly showed off their skills at the Big Parent Banquet, where our Parents joined campers for Lunch. The menu consisted of delicious items made by the children. It was a wonderful family feast!

Safety training was also a highlight of  our summer camp program.  Our counselors stress the  importance of helmets, elbow and knee pads for bike riding at all times.  We had a fantastic visit from one of CMPD’s finest – Officer J. who reviewed and reminded the campers of how to remain safe in the community and at school.   He even brought his patrol car so the children could take a peek inside-  really cool!

The summer has gone so swiftly but we are so pleased that our campers had a wonderful, safe summer while here at Safe Hands Learning Center!  

We look forward to our upcoming After School program and Teacher Workday adventures. 

For more information about any of the Safe Hands Learning Center programs 

email  the director at safehandslearningcenter@yahoo.com


 call  (704)531-8101.

5 Star Rated – A bright and shiny place to grow
5 Star Rated – A bright and shiny place to grow

Safe Hands Learning Center is proud to announce  that we have received a 5 star rated license for our facility from The NC Division of Child Development. Receiving this 5 star rating means that our day care meets high quality program and educational standards. Our staff at Safe Hands Learning Center are committed to providing each student with quality educational opportunities in a warm, child centered environment.  As we engage our students within the creative curriculum, they define and develop  cognitive, social, physical and language skills.   Our students are continually offered stimulating activities that are age appropriate and fun! We look forward to continuing on this path of achievement in 2011 and beyond!!