Summer Enrichment Camp

All campers will have daily outdoor play, weekly field trips, healthy snacks, lunches and dinner as well as activity choices that provide lots of fun.
Daily enrichment Sessions in reading, math, public speaking, science and language arts helps children return to school ready to learn and not experience “the summer brain syndrome”.
We are proud partner of Girl Scouts of America.
Campers will experience live science while caring for our garden. The garden experience will teach them where our food comes from. They will use technology to access nutritional information about the foods we consume daily. Each child will have a research project to present about the nutritional value of the plants grown in the garden. The garden will be the source for ingredients use in the six week Culinary Arts experience
Our camp promises to keep your child moving and bring backyard games back. We remind children that physical activities and sports are a part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Programs designed to teach discipline, respect, sportsmanship and teamwork. Camps are designed for all ability levels. No experience necessary.
Not so New Games- Students will engage in games/ activities that not only challenge them to be active. Students will enjoy the journey of Tug of War, Marbles, Bean Bag Toss, Spray sports, and other backyard classics that are sure to entertain

Dancercise movement- getting your groove on is a great way to exercise. Campers will fuse exercise and dancing to enhance fitness and flexibility. Students will line-up to move to the beat of their favorite songs while expressing their style.
The arts experience:
Special classes in voice coach lesson that will lead to our safe hands Choral group.
Classes in liturgical dance will provide our campers the experience a different form of exercise that culminate in a dance expression presentation at the end of camp.

Summer Camp Scholarship Form: Click Here To Download