Parent Communication

Parent Communication At Safe Hands

One of our program goals at Safe Hands is to ensure open communication between staff, parents, and children. We know that parents offer information and insight that is irreplaceable in the growth and development of their children. Therefore, it is our goal to keep the lines of communication between parents and teachers completely open. We promote this in variety of ways such as daily reports based on the age and/or need, emails, phone conversations, text messages, messages on family’s account and face to face conversations during pick-up / drop-off. We know that collaboration between staff and parents is in the best interest of the children. Another one of our program goals is to provide care to the families in our areas.

We strive to serve families, not just children. We believe in family and it is our desire to form meaningful and lasting relationships with the entire family.

Our Open Door Policy

At Safe Hands, we have an open door policy. This means you, as a parent, are free to visit or join in at any time. We encourage parent involvement and participation and have many fieldtrip volunteer opportunities.